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Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Workshops

Critical thinking and problem-solving workshops offer invaluable opportunities for individuals to enhance their analytical skills, decision-making abilities, and creativity. These workshops provide interactive learning environments where participants engage in activities, discussions, and exercises designed to develop critical thinking skills and tackle complex problems effectively.

Through guided exploration of real-world scenarios, case studies, and role-playing exercises, participants learn to analyze information, evaluate evidence, and generate innovative solutions. Facilitators provide guidance, feedback, and frameworks to help participants refine their critical thinking processes and approach problem-solving systematically.

Additionally, workshops may incorporate collaborative activities to foster teamwork, communication, and diverse perspectives. By attending critical thinking and problem-solving workshops, participants gain practical skills and strategies applicable to academic, professional, and personal contexts, empowering them to navigate challenges with confidence and ingenuity.

  • Understanding the Basics of Critical Thinking
  • Identifying Assumptions and Biases
  • Analyzing Arguments and Evaluating Evidence
  • Applying Logic and Reasoning to Problem-Solving
  • Developing Creative Solutions to Complex Problems
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Decision-Making Strategies in Uncertain Situations
  • Reflecting on Past Problem-Solving Experiences for Improvement
Duration Course Fee(INR)
1-Hour Daily Session over 1 Week 8000